Bubba Watson & Oakley to Unveil World’s First Golf Cart Jetpack


Do you still think that golf cart is the quickest way to get yourself around the golf course? then you are wrong! Now experience piloting a jetpack in flying the 18 holes in his space-age.

Bubba's Jetpack

Bubba Watson & Oakley has introduced world’s first jetpack for golfers to give the game, a new view and a new perspective. Now golf player can not only enjoy the quickest ride of fifty miles in hour to save their game time, but could also make their game better by giving a bird’s-eye view, up to 3000 miles to give you a perspective that players are missing in the past 112 years of golf.

And for the first time in history of the games, and Olympic Games, the Jetpack will be used in coming Rio Olympic Games. The Games will be held from August 5, 2016 to August 21, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Watch the video below to see Bubba Watson unveiling the world’s first jetpack designed for golfers.