Xfinity My TV Login Guide – Comcast Sign On


If you are XFINITY My Account holder, you can sign on to your Comcast Xfinity My TV account with username & password. This login guide with help you through all Xfinity My TV login issues so that you could enjoy Xfinity My TV services online, anytime without interruption.


Xfinity My TV Login

Xfinity My TV service is an online facility of Comcast to let customers watch TV series & full length movies on demand, and view TV listings online anytime. Customers can also manage their DVR online with XFINITY® TV Go, check their account, and pay bills online with simple login process.

Customers can also visit and download XFINITY™ TV Go app by Comcast to do everything related to Xfinity My TV service on the go, 24/7.

All you need to access page that represents Xfinity My Account Login Page and enter your Username/Email Address & Password in the relevant field and follow the sign on process to access your Xfinity My TV account.


You can have an instant access via your computer, smartphone and now on your TV with working internet connection. And you must me register for Xfinity My Account as any of the Comcast services subscriber. If you are not already register, then please learn how to Create a Username.


Once you are successfully registered for Xfinity My Account, you can then sign in to your Xfinity Account with same credentials to:

  • Pay your bill or set up Ecobill and automatic payments.
  • Find out when your technician will arrive.
  • View and manage your WiFi network name and password settings.
  • View TV, Internet, voice, and home security devices.
  • Program your remote control for your TV or audio device.
  • Check for outages.
  • Find your nearest Customer Service Center.
  • Troubleshoot technical issues.
  • Request a call back or chat with an expert on Twitter!


Xfinity My TV Sign On with PC

If you have fulfilled aforementioned login requirements, you can login to your Xfinity My TV account with username or email address associated with your account, and password. You can use any updated browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge etc. Make sure that the login page you have visited is official Xfinity My Page, with URL that begins with “https” instead of just “http.” This will let you securely login to your Xfinity My TV using your Computer or Laptop without any threat of identity theft and online breach.

Step by Step Login

  1. Open your favorite web browser
  2. Visit the webpage
  3. Enter the username and password of your account in related fields
  4. Check or uncheck the option “Keep me signed in” depending on your requirement
  5. Carefully type the moving letters
  6. Finally, click the button “Sign In” to access your account


Xfinity My TV Sign On with Smartphone (Mobile)

If you want to use Xfinity My TV services online, on the go, please download Xfinity My Account app for Apple or download for Android depending on which mobile device you are using i.e. iPhone or Smartphone respectively. You can also visit and Google Play Store and make direct search for your desired app installation.

Step by Step Login

If you don’t already have app in your phone, download the App from the relevant App Store and install it in your mobile device. Otherwise, skip this step

  1. Open theXfinity My Account App
  2. Enter the Username/Email Address and Password in relevant fields
  3. Tap the button “SIGN IN” to access your account
  4. After you are done with your login session, please remember to Sign Out from your account


Forgot the Username or Password

Whether you are using desktop computer or Smartphone, if you do not remember the User ID or Password of your account, you just need to simply click or tap the option “Forgot your username or password?” and follow the process to reset or regain your login information.


Sign On to Xfinity My TV Account using TV

You can also login to My Xfinity TV account using TV box.

For non-X1 TV Boxes

  1. Pick your Comcast remote control
  2. Press the button “Help” given on your remote control
  3. Follow the instructions for login

For X1 TV Boxes

  1. Pick your remote control
  2. Press the button “Xfinity” on your remote control
  3. Now select the option “Settings
  4. Then select the option “My Account
  5. Provide your login credentials


Note: For additional help on X1, press the A button on your remote control