Turkey to Ban WikiLeaks Access


Turkey to Ban WikiLeaks Access

Turkey’s government has imposed ban on accessing WikiLeaks website in country, after receiving threat announced by a group attempted failed coup in military units, that it would release a trove of documents on the country’s power structure!

People living in Turkey have no access to WikiLeaks unless they use a proxy or any of IPs recommended by WikiLeaks. However, there are still no immediate statement came yet from Turkey’s Telecommunications Board – a government agency that regulates access to websites – on banning a website famous for publishing and commenting on leaked documents alleging government and corporate misconduct.

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Moreover, WikiLeaks has claimed it will release documents on Turkey’s political structure that will consist of 500,000 unspecified documents and 300,000 emails it has called the “Erdoğan Emails” on Tuesday.

The ban is imposed following a failed coup attempt made by a group from Turkish military against running democratic government of Turkey.

However, despite the release, WikiLeaks has been repeatedly claiming its neutral position in relation to Mr Erdoğan’s ruling party, the Justice and Development Party (AKP), stating,

“Turks ask whether WikiLeaks is pro or anti-AKP. Neither. Our only position is that truth is the way forward.”