Pokemon Go Have Reasons for McDonald’s Japan Rise


Pokemon Go Have Reasons for McDonald’s Japan Rise

Any such deal would be likely to drive extra traffic to McDonalds outlets, setting a model for similar sponsored locations on other markets as well – BBC News



Reports say McDonald’s Japan shares rise on tie-up with Pokemon as media reports suggest Nintendo’s Pokemon Go is to be launched there!

As Pokemon Go is hugely successful smartphone game of time, available in the US and many other countries McDonald’s Japan jumped to finish 9.8% higher, but Nintendo closed 12.6% down, given that the game is not available in Japan yet.

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However, according to The Wall Street Journal and industry website TechCrunch blame unnamed sources claiming news of game’s tie-up with the fast food company, though the actual release date remains unclear.

The news of cooperation between Nintendo and McDonald, however, make the fast food restaurants sponsored locations which can be turned into “Pokestops” or “gyms” – locations where players can battle against other players or find new Pokemon monsters.