Hotmail Sign In – Problems & Guideline


Sign In. Hotmail Sign in guide. Use your Microsoft Outlook account to access your Hotmail email login. Feel free to question how to login Hotmail ID. What requires like Email Address/ Phone number and Password to access inbox and outbox of Hotmail account via official Outlook login page. You can also or to navigate official sign in page of Hotmail i.e. webpage.

Hotmail Sign In

Brief Introduction & History of Hotmail Sign In

Hotmail, as one of the world’s first webmail service, founded in 1996 as HoTMaiL by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in Mountain View, California, and headquartered in Sunnyvale. After a year, in 1997, it is owned by Microsoft Corporation for an estimated $400 million and launched as MSN Hotmail, later rebranded to Windows Live Hotmail as part of the Windows Live suite of products.

The final version of Hotmail is released in October 2011. It is replaced by in 2013 by Microsoft. Now, is in operation as web-based suite of email, contacts, tasks, and calendaring services from Microsoft.

However, now, Hotmail, I mean Outlook email service, is not the only webmail service available free throughout the world. Now, we can see that Gmail which is owned by Google and Yahoo! webmail services are also completing the world’s first email service at every point.

Creating Hotmail Sign In Account (Sign Up)

Hotmail mail account is free webmail service. So, as long as you have working internet connection no matter wherever you are in the world, and web enabled device such as PC, android based Smartphone, Tablet, iOS Apple based iPhone, iPad, iPod, or any Windows Phone or Mac Machine, you can create one Hotmail account by following the given step by step guide.

  1. For HoTMaiL account sign up/registration, please open your favorite browser such as Microsoft Edge or IE, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari etc.
  2. Enter the URL which is highly encrypted login page for Hotmail. You can also visit or And this is the webmail also used to Sign in, Forgot my password, and Sign in with a single-use code
  3. Click the link “No account? Create one!” to access registration page (Sign Up Page) of Hotmail (Outlook) account
  4. Now Provide the following information and follow the process to complete the sign up procedure

You Complete Name

Username (Email Address)

Password (8-character minimum; case sensitive)


Your Birthdate (Month/Day/Year)

Your Gender (Male, Female or No Specified)

Country Code

And your Phone Number


Hotmail Sign In

Sign in to Hotmail account, if you are successfully registered. Signing in to Hotmail is a very easy, simple and secure process. You will just need to provide a few pieces of information, such as your Hotmail username and your Hotmail Password and follow the following simple steps.

  1. Please visit the webpage, which is highly encrypted by Microsoft Corporation (US) with https instead of http.
  2. Enter Email/Phone/Username of your account in the relevant field.
  3. Enter the Password of your Hotmail account in the next appropriate field
  4. Remember that the Username you are required to provide is not case sensitive (CaSe SeNsItIvE), so it’s up to you whether or not you would like to capitalize your email address. However, the Password of your Hotmail email account is case sensitive.
  5. Finally, you need to press the button “Sign In” to enjoy a full experience of your Hotmail account.
  6. Do not forget to log out from your Hotmail account when you are done.
  7. That’s it

Hotmail Sign in Problems

Although Hotmail sign in process is very simple and convenient, still many internet user, especially newer ones, face many sign in problem. Some of the major problems, and their solution I gathered below for reader’s help. So, let’s get start.

Locating Official Login Page of Hotmail

To securely and successfully login to your Hotmail account, it is inevitable to access official and original login page. If it is not so, then you might face identity theft or phishing cyber-attack and loss of login information. Please note that official login page of Hotmail is accessed through and Both of the webpages are made to redirect your browser to the official web URL which is

Spelling Mistakes in Login

Although username (which is email address or phone number) is not case sensitive in Outlook, however, it doesn’t mean that spelling mistakes are compromised. You are required to enter correct username in addition to taking care of caps lock, spaces, and mixing between the numbers and alphabets. For example, if your username is, you cannot write it as, or you should be very careful not to mix ‘O’ with ‘0’ or ‘L’ with ‘i’ etc. Moreover, Password in Outlook email account (Hotmail) is case sensitive, so you must be more careful when entering password of your Hotmail account.

Keep Me Signed In Option at Login Page

Keep me signed in” is an option given under the “Sign In” button, so that you would not need to type your Hotmail login information next time in your browser, unless you signed out from your email account or removed the cache of your web browser completely.


Forgot Password Option at Login Page?

Microsoft Outlook has a solution for your Password recovery, in case you lost or forget you’re the password of your Hotmail account. Just visit the Login Page and click the button Forgot my password. Now all you need to follow the process either through current email account or your phone number to reset your password.

Another solution is that you should keep your password saved in hard of soft copy (form) at any secured place. It is when you have memory problem, or is not possible for you to remember passwords of your all other web or none web accounts.


Hotmail Sign in with a Single-Use Code

With a single-use code, you can sign in to your Hotmail account online without providing the password. This helps protect your account when you’re using someone else’s PC, Smartphone, iPhone, Windows Phone or Tablet.

Hotmail Sign in with a single-use code

  1. Click the link Sign in with a single-use code given at the bottom of the login page
  2. Enter the Email Address or Phone number of your account in the relevant field
  3. Under the Phone Number section, select the country and enter your phone number in the very next box, in order to use the primary phone number, you’ve associated with your Microsoft account
  4. Finally, click the button “Text me the code” and receive a code on your mobile phone which is to be used for login, otherwise, Sign in with a password
  5. That’s all!