Find Hotmail Live Login Page – Sign In Guide


First of all, I would like to answer those who don’t know about Hotmail live login. If you are using windows 10, it is not possible that you do not have Microsoft Outlook account. As Microsoft Outlook is used for Windows App, it is also a webmail service available free at

In other words, Outlook is a free webmail service owned by Microsoft Corporation. However, the name Outlook is not a first name Microsoft has been using for its webmail service. As Microsoft is a world’s first webmail service provider, the Outlook was known as MSN Hotmail in 1997, later rebranded to Windows Live Hotmail as part of the Windows Live suite of products.

Hotmail Live Login

Sign In for Hotmail Live Login

Signing in to Hotmail live is very simple, easy and quick. However, the name Hotmail is now nowhere used in web-address login page, in username address and at other relevant places as Microsoft has suspended that name and upgraded it to Outlook. Users as allowed to use email address with extension as such,,

Users can also use instead of just .com for UK services. However, for international services like United States, it is better to use .com. However, users can not use anymore.

Hotmail Live Login Information Requirements:

Username: For a successful sign in, you as Outlook mail account holder, required a username or email id. Email ID, most of the time is either your Hotmail/Outlook email address or your phone number. Username of HoTMaiL Live is not case sensitive, but it represents your email identity. Other people use this identity to send emails to you and to recognize you in their outbox and inbox.

Password: it is a secret word or phrase that must be used to gain admission to something or it is a string of characters that allows access to a computer, interface, or system i.e. your email address. Hotmail Live Password is mostly case sensitive, consist of minimum 8 characters.


Other Login Requirements of Hotmail Email Account:

A Device: You must need a web enabled device for Hotmail login. These devices could be like Windows or Mac based Computer or Laptop, Android based Smartphone or Tablet, Apple iOS based iPhone, iPad, or iPod etc.

Internet: A working internet connection is required to access email address as it required sending and receiving data throughout the world. That connection could be of any type such as Wifi broadband or mobile data.

Browser or App: You must need a web-browser to open official login page of Hotmail. Many famous web browsers are available for your PC and mobile phone such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Safari etc. Your browser must be updated. You can also use Outlook Email App in your mobile phone or tab. You can download relevant app from different app stores such as Google Play Store,, Microsoft Windows App Store as per the OS you are using in your device etc.


Hotmail Sign in Step by Step:

  1. Visit the webpage , which is highly encrypted by Microsoft Corporation (US) with https instead of http, or open Outlook Email App.
  2. Enter Email/Phone/Username of your account in the relevant field.
  3. Enter the Password of your Hotmail account in the next appropriate field.
  4. Finally, please select the button “Sign In” to enjoy a full experience of your Hotmail account.

Forget Password of Hotmail:

If you forget the password of your account, don’t worry, Microsoft allows its users to reset or recover their password with the help of their email address or provided phone number. Just visit the sign in page which is and click the link Forgot my password and follow the instructions and steps to reset your forgotten password of your mail account.

LogOut from Hotmail Email Account:

Do not forget to log out from your Hotmail account when you are done. It is necessary for your account’s security and minimizes the threat of identity theft and cyber phishing attack online.

Please keep visiting us for more login information. Thanks!