How do I Create Hotmail Email Address – Reply


Create Hotmail Email Address

Create Hotmail Email Address – Microsoft webmail service offers unique email address to every Hotmail account holder. Your email address is a place where others can send you messages, documents, images and emails, and receive same attachments from you.

Similarly, Hotmail email address, which is now known as Outlook webmail service, is an address represents your email account. You can access to your email account inbox and outbox with providing your email address i.e., and Password on official login page of Microsoft Corporation webmail service.


Can I Use or Create Hotmail in My Email Address?

As Hotmail account has been changed to, many people are in doubt if they can use in their email address, or they have to use instead, and most importantly, how to shift from Hotmail to Outlook? There are some of the common questions I would like to answer.

Unfortunately, you cannot switch back to or create or When Microsoft launched the preview version of, users that trialed the service were given the option to switch back to Hotmail. However, since Microsoft officially retired the Hotmail brand (along with its familiar user interface), this option has been revoked, meaning if you’ve been automatically upgraded to you’re stuck with it.


Create Hotmail Email Address – Step by Step

Creating a Hotmail email address to enjoy world’s best webmail service is very simple job to do. However, remember that the address will not include @hotmail but @outlook. For example, you will not be able to use but Please follow the following steps to create one!

  1. To create HoTMaiL account, please open your favorite browser
  2. Enter the URL which is highly encrypted login page for Hotmail. You can also visit or And this is the webmail also used to Sign Up, Forgot my password, and Sign in with a single-use code
  3. Click the link “No account? Create one!” to access registration page of Hotmail
  4. Now Provide the following information and follow the process to complete the sign up procedure
  5. You Complete Name
  6. Username (Email Address)
  7. Password (8-character minimum; case sensitive)
  8. Country/region
  9. Your Birthdate (Month/Day/Year)
  10. Your Gender (Male, Female or No Specified)
  11. Country Code
  12. And your Phone Number
  13. That’s it!